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New Book by Dan Pink: To Sell is Human

November 30, 2012


I am honored to be on Dan Pink’s To Sell is Human launch team (Full Disclosure: I am not compensated for this, other than with a copy of his book, which I would have bought in any case, and a few freebies that people who preorder get).

A little bit about Dan … I attended one of Dan’s speeches in a creativity conference, and was impressed with his down-to-earth attitude. He is, of course, a well-known and well-respected author who has articulated powerful ideas in his books. A Whole New Mind is one of his works, in which he propels the idea that a more right-brained approach, than we have traditionally adopted, will be required to swim against the currents of automation, Asia and abundance in a new age: The Conceptual Age. Among other things, Dan also used to be Al Gore’s speechwriter.

In To Sell is Human, Dan will be driving another macro-idea into the mainstream – that all of us sell in one form or another, that more of us are doing so than ever before, that the nature of selling has changed as our circumstances have changed, and that we need to re-skill and re-tool our selling capabilities.  He will offer several rules, tools, tips and frameworks based on social science research and best practices from forward-looking organizations.

I am still awaiting my early copy of the book in the next few days, and will post my thoughts based on it soon.  So, if you’re interested, please watch this space over the next few days.

The book is scheduled for release on December 31, 2012. In the meantime, if you would like to preorder his book, please go to his website ( for the links to do so. There are several freebies that you get with a preorder (you can see all of them on his website). The extras that will be attractive to people like me who are motivated to learn more and actually apply the concepts in Dan’s book are the 20-page pdf workbook and the one-hour download with exclusive interviews with Robert Cialdini of Influence fame, and with Adam Grant, a Wharton professor whose work is embedded in To Sell is Human.

My profession (IT and Enterprise Architecture) has a fair amount of selling involved, given that most of the goods that are sold are not things that you can touch and feel.  “Soft selling” and “Consultative Selling” are skills that are demanded in IT, especially of architects, the people who weave it all together and spin the yarn that moves people. I’m looking forward to my copy of the book to see what Dan has to say that can help our profession and our lives.

In the meantime, check out this two-minute clip that describes the key concepts in the book:

– Balaji Prasad, November 2012

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